Teak Care

admin August 7, 2017

We love Reforest Teak outdoor garden furniture, as much for its style, durability and comfort as for its thankful ease of maintenance for as long as it’s around.

While there are manufacturers who suggest treating your teak with wax or oil, we’re not inclined to recommend either. Of course, as it weathers and ages, your teak will naturally color to a distinctive silvery gray. So if you prefer to maintain your furniture’s just-bought golden hue, you can apply a teak sealer (choose an environmentally friendly brand) when your pieces are new, or during the winter months.


Otherwise, there’s no need to do anything to maintain or extend the life of your teak beyond cleaning once a year or so. Use a very mild cleaner, (try one part Simple Green to two parts water), and wash the piece with a medium bristle brush. You can treat grease spots with a degreasing agent, a gentle scrubbing brush and a good rinse.

And that’s all there is to it.

Reforest Teak