Spirit Song Rectangular Dining Wood Top Table

Spirit Song Rectangular Dining Wood Top Table

admin July 14, 2017


Elegantly detailed in premium marine-grade stainless steel, the Spirit Song Rectangular Dining Table offers simple, elegant, contemporary styling ideal for home, office, or public space….indoors or out. Designed by the team of Tiffany and Tiffany, and crafted of First European Quality (FEQ) teak, the Rectangular Dining Table offers a design that welcomes the addition of any chair or seating style. Select your table top from hand-sanded premium heartwood teak, or heavyweight glass. Tabletop and teak quadri-base are not sold separately.


Product Description

  • 60″ D, 42″ H
  • 66″ D, 42″ H
  • 72″ D, 42″ H
  • 78″ D, 42″ H
  • 84″ D, 42″ H
  • 96″ D, 42″ H
  • 108″ D, 42″ H
  • 112″ D, 42″ H
  • Includes Free Shipping!


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