Folding Teak Armchair
Folding Teak Armchair

Folding Teak Armchair

admin July 17, 2017


You’d think you’d have to compromise comfort for the convenience of a folding teak armchair. Not so! We’ve created the world’s most accommodating and comfortable folding teak armchair. Unlike almost any other on the market, ours has a thoughtfully contoured back and dished seat. And because it weighs a hefty 22 lbs of solid heartwood teak, you won’t see it tipping over or blowing across your garden. For stylish seating that’s easy to stow away, our folding teak arm chairs are the answer.

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Product Description

  • 27″ W, 39″ H, 20″ L
  • Seat depth: 17″
  • Includes Free Shipping!


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