Why is teak best?

admin September 14, 2017

Because of its exceptionally high oil content, teak is especially durable, long-lasting and highly resistant to rot and weather, even in the most difficult coastal climates. Teak is prized around the world for its beautiful, tight grain and golden hue that weathers to a distinctive silver gray. And over a lifetime of use, teak requires little to no maintenance to preserve its beauty and dependable stability. We use first european quality (FEQ) grade teak in all of our furniture. FEQ is the highest grade of 100% heartwood teak and the best quality there is for exterior applications such as furniture, decking, and yacht building.There is simply no substitute for quality teak when it comes to elegant, long-lasting, comfortable home and garden furniture and furnishings.


Teak furniture does not require any special maintenance or any additional protection apart from occasional cleaning. Teak will gradually change to a soft, silver-grey when left to age naturally outside by being exposed to light, air and rain. We recommend that you allow your teak furniture to weather naturally and simply clean thoroughly once or twice a year with a teak cleaner.

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