Why Buy Teak from Us?

admin August 7, 2017



At Reforest Teak, we use only responsibly grown and harvested teak. We hand pick the finest pieces of First European Quality (FEQ), the highest grade there is, for our teak garden furniture, and integrate heartwood and sapwood to maximize the harvest for our planter and stool lines.

  • Our stainless steel fittings, unlike those included with some teak products on the market today, are 316 marine grade, assuring optimal resistance to rust and oxidation for even the toughest marine applications and coastal weather.
  • At our manufacturing base in Central America, local craftspeople take pride in a time honored tradition of fine woodworking, including solid teak dowel mortise and tenon joinery for life long stability, and meticulous hand sanding for a flawless heirloom finish.
  • Our furniture selections, whether classic or contemporary in design, are contoured and shaped for comfort that will exceed your expectation of what’s possible in hardwood furniture.
  • We’re proud to stand behind each piece of Reforest Teak with a solid lifetime guarantee of satisfaction.


When we launched Reforest Teak, we recognized that creating the highest quality products from our reforested woodlands would represent a unique opportunity to integrate social and environmental aspirations into our brand. Today, more than ever, we distinguish Reforest Teak with value that comes as much from the fine timber in our products as from the partnership we share with the community and craftspeople who make our fine furniture and accessories.

  • We use only teakwood harvested from our sustainably managed hardwood plantations in Costa Rica where authorities are looking to address the widely documented issues of illegal logging that plague the timber industry with disrepute in a number of regions worldwide.
  • Our timber operations support the local community with long range benefits of our business, such as fair and above-market wages, social security and insurance plans, an industry-leading pension plan designed to empower women, and incentives for sustaining forest resources and supporting sound management practices.
  • We hold ourselves accountable, and take full responsibility, for every phase of the life cycle of Reforest Teak products. From first seedlings to final sales, our teak products are traceable back to our own well-managed forests, through our ecologically and socially sound factory practices, right up to final delivery.
  • International certification of our plantations for sustainable forest management practices through our reforestation and manufacturing partner Diamond Teak confirms our commitment to leading edge economic, environmental and social criteria for responsible forest management principles
  • With an open-door policy throughout our business, we invite you to visit our teak plantations, manufacturing base and community in Costa Rica to learn first hand about how Reforest Teak is making a sustainable difference through commitment to quality, community and the environment.


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