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admin August 9, 2017

Reforest Teak Outdoor Furniture

Reforest Teak is one of a very few sources you’ll find on the market today for exquisite teakwood products that integrate responsible social and environmental values with the highest quality craftsmanship and distinctive design. Reforest Teak furniture is made with hand selected First European Quality (FEQ) grade teak, and reflects the pride of local artisans in unparalleled workmanship. Our selection of planters and stools combines heart wood and sap wood to create enduring products that help optimize the teak harvest. We craft our products from hardwood stands that have been certified for sustainable forest management practices through Diamond Teak, our reforestation partner in Central America. In our local community, we support opportunities for self-sufficiency and economic independence that help improve the quality of life.

Reforest Teak is a social enterprise founded in collaboration with Diamond Teak, our like-minded reforestation and manufacturing partner. In Costa Rica, Diamond Teak has, for over fifteen years, fostered a commitment to ecological reforestation, business leadership, and responsibility to the local community. We share a mutual commitment to expand the environmental and community benefits of ecological and sustainable reforestation. Our common vision and efforts ensure the standing of Reforest Teak as a responsible, forward-thinking industry leader.

We invite you to shop at Reforest Teak on this site, and look forward to offering you the best of timeless design, lifelong durability, and plentiful selection in beautiful, forest-friendly teak.

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