Ecological Reforestation

admin August 7, 2017

At Reforest Teak, ecological reforestation is our passion, and our business. We restore damaged and depleted lands to ecological productivity with thriving, sustainably managed forest plantations. Through our work, we confront the global environmental crisis with innovative alternatives founded on sound economic, social and environmental principles.

Reforest Teak was established in 2006 by Will and Dylan Raap. Will is the Founder and Chairman of Gardener’s Supply Company and Intervale Center in Burlington, VT.


Our mission for the long term envisions a far-reaching spectrum of ecological restoration activities, interests and expanding geographic locations. However, today at Reforest Teak, our focus is specific:

  • To revitalize degraded lands in Central America with sustainably managed hardwood plantations of precious and diverse species.
  • To expand and promote Reforest Teak, a soon-to-be market leader in forest-friendly, sustainably harvested and manufactured quality wood products from our ecologically reforested stands in Central America.
  • To help combat global warming by facilitating essential carbon offset and sequestration opportunities through our reforestation work.
  • To become a major catalyst for high return, long term capital investment in reforestation and sustainable land use with a commitment to rural community development, and ecological reforestation.

Reforest Teak is a multi-country, collaborative effort. We are proud to join hands with accomplished, conservation-minded partners including local community experts, environmentalists and scientists, respected ecological enterprises and renowned conservation organizations. Diamond Teak, our manufacturing and reforestation partner in Costa Rica, has pioneered the cause of regenerative forestation work and served the local community for fifteen years. Our experience in Central America includes diverse conservation projects and programs focused on progressive strategies from sustainable local food system management to low impact land development.

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