Ecological Restoration

admin August 7, 2017


More than a decade ago, biologist E. O. Wilson called for an “…era of restoration in ecology…” in the 21st Century. Today, the evidence is undeniable. Countless ecosystems around the world are fragmented, damaged and degraded under pressure from our universal human footprint.
However, at Reforest Teak, we see hopeful news afoot.

Ecosystems have shown amazing potential for recovery while nature itself is emerging as the most efficient and practical healer. In our time, a values shift has surfaced towards a deeper sense of personal stewardship for the welfare of future generations, along with a willingness to lend a human hand in support of nature’s own renewal skills. Ecologists, historians, social scientists, concerned citizens and conservation-minded social enterprises are today partnering with science and community. Together they are making ecological restoration happen in collaboration with nature’s own systems, and they are measuring the benefits. Ecological restoration is provoking a fundamental change in attitudes about the realm of possibility for ecosystem renewal.

The Society for Ecological Restoration International defines the process as “intentional activity that initiates or accelerates the recovery of an ecosystem with respect to its health, integrity and sustainability” (SER 2004). The broad path of ecological restoration includes numerous and far-reaching applications such as: erosion control, habitat and range improvement, hydroelectricity, watershed studies, prairie and savanna restoration and natural resource planning.

At Reforest Teak, we believe that contributing to ecosystem restoration is the highest calling of our time. We define our role in the environmental restoration movement as a proactive driver of ecological reforestation on Central America’s depleted and damaged lands. In the future, we intend to extend our range of impact. But today, restoring productivity to impaired lands through regenerative agroforestry is our road map. This is where we intend to make a difference.


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